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Johns Hopkins Enterprise Network Architecture and Design offers the following wireless networks.
Click on the network name below for connection instructions and additional information.

hopkins: This network is intended for use by Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, students, or anyone with a valid JHED ID.  The hopkins wireless network is built with many security features, including WPA2-Enterprise, PEAP, and powerful 256 bit encryption.  A high speed data link is provided to all the resources on the internal network. 

JHGuestnet: This network is for casual use by guests and visitors at any Hopkins Campus. In addition, JHGuestnet can be used for devices that do not meet the requirements for the hopkins wireless network.

eduroam - Johns Hopkins has become a participating member of the eduroam (educational roaming) federation. The eduroam network is a secure, worldwide network access service developed for the international research and education community.  All Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, and students may use this service here at JHU and anywhere in the world it is available -- for free!  All you will need is your JHED_ID (Johns Hopkins User ID) and password.

Connecting to "hopkins" Wireless:

To access the hopkins wireless network, your device must have a wireless adapter, capable of using WPA2-Enterprise with AES 256-bit encryption.  Most cards manufactured within the past two years will be compatible with the hopkins architecture.  The hopkins wireless network also requires that you have a current JHED ID. 


  1. Download the most recent operating system patches, updates and hotfixes for your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  2. Download updated firmware and drivers for your wireless hardware.  Check your manufacturer's website for updates.
  3. Make sure you have Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) installed and updated with the latest virus definitions.  The latest version for Windows or MAC can be downloaded with a valid JHED ID.  Please uninstall any other vendor's software BEFORE you install the Microsoft software.
  4. Make sure the internal time and date are correct on your device.  This allows for proper acceptance of our security certificate.
  5. In addition, all firewalls must be disabled before registration and enabled upon completion.
  6. Make sure your wireless card is enabled.  See examples for XP, Vista, Mac.

Supported Systems and Connection Instructions:

The following are step-by step illustrated instructions in .pdf format.

Connecting to "eduroam" Wireless:

This service is recommended for those who frequently travel to other institutions and require internet access.  Once a device is configured for eduroam, it can be used at both the home and visiting institutions. At JHU, you will be provided the same level of access, using either the hopkins wireless network or eduroam network.  It is not necessary to make a distinction or prefer one over the other.  Here is a short video, from the eduroam community.

Illustrated connection instructions, in .pdf format, can be found below:

A list of participating institutions follows:

For additional connection information and connecting as a visitor, click here.

Connecting to "JHGuestnet" Wireless:

JHGuestnet is for casual use by guests and visitors to all Johns Hopkins Institutions.  It is for anyone who does not have JHED access.  JHGuestnet provides connectivity to the internet and limited functionality to outside applications.  A list of currently allowed applications can be found here.

Enable your wireless card and open your favorite internet browser.  Just agree to the terms of use, enter your e-mail address, if prompted, and you will be connected.  There is no registration and no configuration of the network in the operating system.  It is that easy!

Instructions can be found at the following link: JHGuestnet or for our NEW Portal.

Technical Assistance:

Where do I get additional help?

Technical Assistance (Walk-up)
Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus
Garland Hall Basement
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 4:30 PM
No appointment necessary

Contact the Support Center at:  

  • (410)955-HELP (410)955-4357       Johns Hopkins East Baltimore
  • (410)516-HELP (410)516-4357       Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus
  • (443)997-HELP (443)997-4357       Johns Hopkins Mount Washington Campus

This number is available 24/7.  If your issue cannot be resolved over the phone, you will be given a ticket number for reference.