Remote Access Guidelines

The purpose of this site is to provide remote access information to the faculty, staff, and students of Johns Hopkins. There are many different remote access tools that provide connectivity to internal resources from offsite locations. It is always best to first contact your local IT support for guidance on selecting the most appropriate method of connecting remotely.

Hybrid Work Model

A hybrid work model is a combination of remote workers and an in-person component. This scenario introduces technology and office space challenges. If you have multiple employees sharing the same office space, you may consider replacing the traditional desktop PC with a laptop and docking station. Current standard hardware solutions are available on the Future Tech site. Work from home bundles are available at the JH Tech Store. You may also contact your local PC support staff for assistance. Software may be purchased through the IT Service Catalog.

Working From Home

3 Ways to Remotely Access Johns Hopkins Resources:

  • The Web (from a computer’s browser or smartphone)
  • Pulse Secure VPN
  • MyCloud (from the myJH portal or your desktop if installed)

Many resources at Johns Hopkins are restricted to the campus network, which means you must use the Pulse Secure VPN or MyCloud to connect to them. Each of these solutions may have prerequisites such as use of Azure multi-factor authentication (MFA), installation of a Citrix receiver client, or the installation of our Pulse Secure VPN client.


Azure MFA

Pulse Secure VPN


Cloud Comparison
Hopkins MyCloud
  • Provides direct access to hundreds of applications or a Windows desktop with your applications and documents (Faculty/Staff only).
  • Use for Clinical applications (Epic)
  • Available through myJH portal under the Cloud icon.
  • Requires Azure MFA and Citrix receiver. Azure MFA help is available.
VPN - PulseSecure
  • Access VPN via the myJH portal (go to the Technology category; choose the VPN button).
  • Requires Azure MFA and Pulse Secure client. Azure MFA help is available.
  • VPN help is available.
Outlook Email
  • Access the web-based client via the myJH portal (go to the Messaging category; choose the Outlook button).
  • May require Azure MFA. Azure MFA help is available.
  • Accessed remotely through a web interface or desktop client.
  • Does not require VPN for access.
  • Accessed remotely through a web interface or desktop client.
  • Visit for more information on Canvas.
  • Does not require VPN for access.
  • Accessed remotely through a web interface or desktop client.
  • Does not require VPN for access.
Microsoft Teams
  • The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. Accessed remotely through a browser at or via an app installed on your mobile device.
  • Visit the Teams Communication Site for additional information such as a quick start guide and online video training.
Office 365
  • Microsoft Office Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc) from the cloud.
  • Available remotely through a web interface. A Microsoft login page will appear and will require you to sign in using your [email protected] email address.
  • Does not require VPN for access.

For immediate assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at (410) 955-HELP or (410) 516-HELP