Sponsored JHED Accounts vs. B2B Guest Accounts

Sponsored JHED accounts are intended to provide access for individuals who have legitimate business at Johns Hopkins and are not provided a JHED account through an authoritative source such as SAP or the Student Information System. JHED accounts should only be sponsored for individuals who require access that is not available through a guest account (also called an Azure B2B account). Please note the following:

  • Departments creating sponsored accounts are responsible for having a legitimate reason for requesting an account
  • Sponsored JHED IDs are requested through your departmental JHED administrator or HR representative and are granted at your department’s discretion
  • Departments sponsoring accounts are responsible for all software licensing costs required for JHED sponsored accounts
  • Review the complete Sponsored JHED Account Policy
  • Learn more about Sponsored JHED Accounts (for internal users only)

​​​​​​​Azure Active Directory Business to Business (B2B) enables Johns Hopkins to create guest accounts for external collaborators. 

  • Guest accounts allow external affiliates to collaborate with Johns Hopkins employees through Microsoft Office Applications and provide access to some internal applications without the need for a JHED sponsored account
  • Guests are invited to the directory via their own personal or work email and are able to manage their own credentials
  • To request access to create guest accounts or to get more information, visit the Azure B2B Sharepoint site (for internal users only) or the Azure B2B Resource Center (for external users)