Institutional Computing Standards Committee

The ICSC provides a forum for IT managers and administrators across Hopkins to consider matters of common concern. First established to develop policies and standards, the ICSC is now the principal means for sharing IT issues and concerns at Hopkins. Its focus remains on IT and communication infrastructure, yet it also emphasizes user support, communications and security.

The first charge of the ICSC is the development and maintenance of IT policies and standards. At Johns Hopkins, policies provide an over-arching framework for the management and use of information technology resources. The ICSC has approved institutional IT policies and HIPAA Security policies for systems handling identifiable patient information. IT policies can be viewed on the Information Technology Policies Web site. Standards and guidelines are meant to provide more technical assistance to IT managers. They are generally updated more frequently in light of changing technologies and customer needs. The approved ICSC Standards are available to view on the IT Standards and Guidelines page.

An ICSC meeting is held monthly at Homewood and the East Baltimore medical campus.  On the 1st Tuesday of every month, the ICSC meeting is held on the Homewood Campus and on the 1st Wednesday of every month it is held on the East Baltimore Campus.  The agenda topics for each meeting are similar; therefore it is only necessary to attend one of the meetings.

The East Baltimore meetings are typically held in the West Room in the lower level of the Turner building. The Homewood meetings are typically held in Levering Hall, Sherwood Room. For specific meeting dates, locations, and times, see:

Martine Uveges is the Manager of Pathology Data Systems and she chairs the East Baltimore ICSC and co-chairs the Homewood ICSC.  She can be reached at [email protected].

Dean Zarriello is the Director of Networking Services and he chairs the Homewood ICSC meeting and co-chairs the East Baltimore ICSC.  He can be reached at [email protected].

If you would like to join this group, please visit the mailing list instructions page.