Governance Committees / IT Policies

Governance committees and the resulting policies are essential to being good stewards of information technology, and the people and processes it touches. The advising groups below provide ideas and oversight for the work we do. 

The DDI Council exists to help IT@JH attract and retain the best talent by creating an inclusive work environment, supporting career development for all employees, and advocating for best practices related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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This group meets once a month to review new applications, partnerships, and innovations for clinical care at JHM. Members include IT leaders, clinical leaders, and clinical champions.

The ICSC provides a forum for IT managers and administrators across Hopkins to consider matters of common concern.

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A group of finance, faculty, and IT leaders across JHU who meet to prioritize and recommend funding for JHU/enterprise-wide projects. Business leaders across the institution present their projects and the committee scores each project, across various criteria meant to ensure objectivity, relative to all requests submitted each cycle. Recommendations are presented to leadership groups across JHU for final approval including the DBO council, the Strategic Planning Group, the Provost’s office, and depending on magnitude, the Council of Deans. 

Members of JHU Academic divisions provide strategic information technology input and feedback to IT@JH. 

 This group leads the JHM IT system review process to ensure coordination across the enterprise for all new system requests. The process ensures adherence to JHM, entity, and departmental goals.

The Student Services Excellence Initiative (SSEI) takes a student-centric view to ensure that at each touchpoint with a student services office or system, students and faculty will have a unified positive experience, encounter processes that are streamlined and simplified, and engage with modern technology that meets their needs. This group meets monthly; the SSEI leadership group provides status updates, shares project roadmap, accomplishments, future deliverables and discusses projects roadblocks. Governing Council members consist of IT leaders, SSEI project leadership, University leadership, and stakeholders.