Purchasing and implementing new software for Johns Hopkins Medicine just got easier.  

IT@JH, under the direction of JHM leadership, developed the Software Intake Process form to collect and streamline software-based solution requests from all Johns Hopkins Medicine entities and departments — including: 

  • Individuals from The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation 
  • Affiliated hospitals 
  • Joint ventures 
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

Examples of technology that must use this process

  • New software proposal for a department, hospital, or enterprise-wide 
  • Adding functionality, upgrades, or integrations to an existing application 
  • New services added to an existing contract or with an existing vendor 
  • Professional services agreements associated with new software  

Steps after submitting a SIP form: 

  1. Health IT leaders review a request and assign an IT Project Manager if the request can move forward. 
  1. IT Project Managers work with submitters to review options, alternatives, budget and resource plans and determine if an RFP is needed. 
  1. The SIP Committee will meet bi-weekly to ensure projects are moving. Projects needing additional resources or integration may require leadership review (monthly). 
  1.  IT Project Manager works with submitters to ensure budget and contract are complete with quarterly check-ins until go-live. 

The SIP process lights the pathway to implementation for Johns Hopkins Medicine software requests. Visit the Software Intake Process web page to learn more.