Clinical Tools

Clinical Tools Currently Under Exploration 

The following clinical tools are currently in a testing phase with a group of clinical providers. Broad implementation of these tools will require multidisciplinary effort and alignment of multiple priorities. 

Message Categorization

Classifies Epic in basket messages as clinical or administrative and then assigns them to the appropriate staff.  

Automatically Generates Draft Responses

Drafts responses to patient messages (from Epic in basket) based on information from the patient’s record, which clinicians review before sending. For this tool, the prompts need to be very succinct to avoid long, flowery prose in the generated responses.

Virtual AI Scribes

Clinical documentation solution combining conversational, ambient AI with advanced generative AI to transcribe and summarize clinical encounters and generate draft notes for the providers. This tool works very well for some specialties and is being fine-tuned for others. 

Chart Summarization

Extracts and concisely summarizes relevant information from specific areas of admitted patients’ medical records.