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Mac OS X Instructions

Note: If you connect from the Internet (i.e. from Comcast or other ISP), you must first connect to the JH VPN (JHPulse). Information about the VPN is at

  1. In the Finder menu select “Go” then the last option, “Connect to Server.” You can use command-k as a keyboard short-cut to this
  2. In the “server address” field enter where “your-JHED-id” is your JHED account name.
  3. Click the button with the plus sign to add this to the “favorite servers” menu
  4. Click “connect”
  5. Enter your JHED ID and password in the pop-up window

You should now have a window open that lists the servers to which you have access via WebDAV. In the folders should be the sites to which you have access. This connection will remain active until you “eject” the “drive” created. In Mac OS Tiger this network share will be a blue sphere inside a box. On Mac OS Leopard and later, the network share will appear as a drive icon similar to USB or Firewire drive icons.