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Web Hosting Policies

The Enterprise Web Hosting Group, a division of Information Technology @ Johns Hopkins IT@JH, is primarily responsible for very large scale computing solutions for the entire Johns Hopkins Institution's Areas of responsibility include:

  • Web server management
  • Content design for Inter- and Intranet front door servers
  • Institution Wide Web Searching
  • DNS requests
  • Akamai Video Streaming
  • Web Content Management System

Enterprise Web Hosting servers are intended to host Web sites for departments or organizations affiliated with the Johns Hopkins Institutions.  They are not intended to host personal sites. Many Web based applications require devoted servers and specialized software that are not appropriate for a shared hosting environment.  Small, client-developed Web-based applications are supported.  Enterprise Web Hosting provides managed server space and does not create, author, program, or maintain the Web sites hosted on its servers.


Enterprise Web Hosting Services are eligible to Johns Hopkins Faculty, Staff, and Students with proof of affiliation and an explanation of the project clearly stating its relationship with Johns Hopkins. The Enterprise Web Hosting resources are not intended for personal Web solutions. If disk space requirements exceed the standard allotment, payment may be required on a case by case basis.

Application Process

A Web-based application process is currently being developed. In the meantime, send your request to or Please include the names of at least two contact persons for the site.  Include a valid phone number, email address, and JHED LID for each Hopkins student, faculty, or staff member that will serve as official contacts for the site, as well as an explanation of the project and any affiliated information, i.e. Departmental Web site, etc.

Getting Started

The Enterprise Web Hosting group manages multiple hosting servers, each with its own policies. Before submitting a request, carefully consider what resources will be required to fulfill the needs of the site/application being developed. Please consider the following Web Hosting Policies before submitting your request:

General Server Policies

  1. Determine which programming language will need to be supported (ASP, Cold Fusion, PHP, Perl, Plain HTML are available)
  2. Access will only be provided for required resources. It is the decision of the Web Hosting Group to determine which resource is best suited for the users need.
  3. The Web Hosting Group reserves the right to restrict access to resources based on the user's classification.
  4. In accordance with Johns Hopkins Medicine Administration, all Web sites using the Johns Hopkins Medicine and should be hosted by the Web Center, a division of the Office of Corporate Communications.
  5. Information stored on Enterprise Web Hosting servers is backed regularly for disaster recovery purposes# However, individual file or Website restores will not be performed.  For example, if a disk drive fails on the server, all of the Web sites stored on that drive would be restored from tape, but if an account holder accidentally deletes files from the server, a restore would not be performed. The account holder should maintain a master copy of all files off-line from the servers and be prepared to restore from that copy if mistakes occur when updating the Web site.
  6. Additional software will not be installed on Hosting Servers in order to support a user's application. Users are limited to using the software currently installed on the server. This includes the installation of Custom Components.
  7. If a site requires SSL support, users will have to default to an existing Web site, in which case, a virtual directory can be set up under an existing name. Note: This does not exclude a user from setting up a site with its own name. It only dictates that the portion of the site that SSL is enabled will need to fall under one of the existing server's name
  8. If a site requires a separate DNS name, a request must be to or by using the DNS Request Tool at

Available Scripting Languages