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Security & Disaster Recovery

The Security and Disaster Recover Team is comprised of the Manager of Security and Disaster Recovery, one Disaster Recovery Coordinator, two Information Security Analysts and four Data Security Administrators.  Primary responsibilities of the Security team are to administer access to various production applications, ensure compliance to existing logon and password syntax standards and monitor access activities for mainframe and midrange applications. Primary responsibilities for the disaster recovery coordinator consist of maintaining a response, recovery and restoration capability for the centralized IT@JH functions and systems, develop and execute comprehensive test plans for all aspects of recovery, and assist other areas of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in developing both disaster recovery and business contingency plans.

For services, recommendations, or additional information please contact:

Bill Rider,
Security and Disaster Recovery Manager
Johns Hopkins @ Mt. Washington
5801 Smith Avenue, Davis Bldg.
 Suite 3110C, C-157
(410) 735-4691

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