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Mission Statement

The Technology Store offers Hopkins students, faculty and staff convenient access to specially configured and priced academic computing hardware and expert service and support.  A valid Hopkins ID is required for “personal purchase” sales.  

Disclaimer:  The store operations are supported in part through rebates from the participating vendors that are based on a percentage of product sales.  A portion of the rebate amount may also be used to provide additional discounts on some items.

Vendor Selection: Our current vendor selection is based on the Johns Hopkins Institutional Computing Standards Committee  (ICSC) recommendations.  However, regardless of rebate participation or ICSC recommendation, products from all  major computing vendors are available for ordering depending on customer preference and individual requirements.

Staffing: Johns Hopkins students who have received specialized training in technical support, product information and customer service staff the store.  Outside vendor representatives do not participate in any in-store sales, support or service activities.