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Apple Inventory

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iPad 2

Now iPad is even more amazing. And even less like anything else. It features two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording, Apple's powerful dual-core A5 chip, and the same amazing 10-hour battery life. All in a thinner, lighter design.

The New Apple iPad 2 with iOS 4 starting from $489.00

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iPad 2 Smart Cover

MC942LL/A   iPad 2 Smart Cover - Blue
MC945LL/A   iPad 2 Smart Cover - Orange
MC939LL/A   iPad 2 Smart Cover - Gray
MC941LL/A   iPad 2 Smart Cover - Pink
MC944LL/A   iPad 2 Smart Cover - Green


MC947LL/A  iPad 2 Smart Cover - Black
MC948LL/A  iPad 2 Smart Cover - Tan
MC949LL/A  iPad 2 Smart Cover - Navy
MC952LL/A  iPad 2 Smart Cover - Cream

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Mac Mini

With its sleek aluminum design, a removable bottom panel for easy access to memory, and a space-saving built-in power supply, Mac mini is pretty incredible. It features high-performance graphics that make it up to two times faster than before. And it’s the most energy-efficient desktop computer ever, using less than 10 watts of power when idle.

The New Mac Mini and Mac Mini Server with OS X Lion starting at $561.63

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Now with quad-core processors standard in every model, up to 3X faster graphics, Thunderbolt, and a FaceTime HD camera, the ultimate all-in-one goes all out.

The New iMac 21.5" now shipping with OS X Lion and Thunderbolt starting at $1114.53

The New iMac 27.0" now shipping with OS X Lion and Thunderbolt starting at $1551.03

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LED Cinema Display

The 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display supersizes your view with an incredible 2560-by-1440 resolution. The LED Cinema Display features a universal MagSafe connector that charges your notebook, a Mini DisplayPort cable for easy connectivity, and three USB 2.0 ports. There’s also a built-in iSight camera, microphone, and 49-watt speaker system for a true desktop experience.

The New 27.0" LED Cinema Display now at $920.53

The New 27.0" LED Thunderbolt Display now at $920.53

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A brilliant display. A Multi-Touch trackpad. A fast processor. And a battery that won’t tie you down. All contained in a durable polycarbonate unibody enclosure. Starting at $872.03

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Macbook Pro
MacBook Pro features the fastest dual-core processors available — Intel Core i5 and i7 — which boost performance up to 50 percent. Faster graphics bring high performance to everything from photos and videos to 3D games and video editing.

The New Macbook Pro now shipping with OS X Lion and Thunderbolt start at $1066.03

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MacBook Air

MacBook Air is the next generation of MacBooks. It’s designed around all-flash storage for better responsiveness and reliability. It features a trackpad with full Multi-Touch support. And though it’s incredibly thin and light, its large battery gives you portable power that lasts for hours.

The New Macbook Air now shipping with OS X Lion and Thunderbolt starting at $920.53

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All Apple Inventory is subject to change and may not be avalible at all times, please call or email to reserve or enquire about avalibility.

Apple Warranty:
All Apple Hardware comes with Apple Standard One-Year Limited Warranty, Apple Care (3 Year Coverage Protection Plan is NOT included with the purchase of Apple Hardware)

Apple Accessories
Apple Care
AppleCareMC595LL/B  Apple Care for iPad$99.00
MC245LL/B  Apple Care for iMac$119.00
S3129LL/A   Apple Care for Mac Pro$199.00
MC246LL/B  Apple Care for Macbook/Macbook Air/Macbook Pro 13.3"$183.00
MD012LL/A  Apple Care for Macbook Pro 15.4"/17.0"$239.00
MC248LL/B  Apple Care for Mac Mini$99.00

Can't find the exact configuation you want? Interested in a Custom Apple Computer?

As an authorized Apple Campus Store we can also submit configure-to-order (CTO) to Apple, we will also apply a discount to your CTO order as well. To do so just submit a Quote Request with a screenshot from the Apple Education Website and list of the custom configuration from the Apple Education Website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that in most cases our pricing will be even lower then the regular academic pricing available directly from Apple.

Depending on the complexity of your order processing and shipping times will vary. There are no shipping charges for custom orders that are picked up at our store.