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"Hopkins" Wireless Configuration - Linux

NOTE:  There are many "flavors" of Linux being utilized in the academic and workplace environments.  Each release has it's own peculiarities associated with the build.  Although the Help Desk does not officially support Linux, a machine with the following capabilities should be able to connect to "hopkins" wireless:

  • Encryption:  WPA2-Enterprise with AES encryption
  • Authentication:  802.1X using PEAP and MSCHAPV2

Using Network Manager:

We have tested a few of the most common releases and found that the "Network Manager" GUI applet will easily handle the "hopkins" wireless configuration.

See below for connection instructions, using the NetworkManager GUI:


Using wpa_supplicant:

If you do not manage your wireless card from the GUI, you will need to download the wpa_supplicant and use this sample config.  If you are a savvy Linux user, this may be all you need.  One common device that will require this setup is the Asus EEE PC, configured with the standard Xandros distribution.

You will also need to install appropriate drivers and configurations for your wireless card.  Please check back soon for more detailed explanations and pointers.

There are countless "how-to" guides available on the internet.  You may want to search for your specific wirleess adapter and linux release for guided instruction.