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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises. MDM functionality includes over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, etc. By controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings for all mobile devices in the network, MDM can reduce support costs and business risks. The intent of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of a mobile communications network while minimizing cost and downtime.

MDM gives Customers and Departments the ability to:

  • Manage a Diverse Fleet of Devices. Mobile devices are proliferating in the enterprise at an exponential rate. With the growing number of device models, platforms and operating system versions available, businesses are facing new and complex mobility management challenges. Accessing corporate resources from a mobile device can introduce a significant threat to corporate security. Mobile Device Management enables businesses to address challenges associated with mobility by providing a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices from the central admin console. Our solution enables you to enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices. You can manage a diverse fleet of Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS, and Windows Mobile, devices from a single management console.
  • Single Management Console. The admin console gives visibility into all enrolled corporate-owned, employee-owned and shared devices, regardless of platform or device type. Organization groups provide administrators with a streamlined way to manage all users and devices. Directory services (AD/LDAP) integration enables custom role-based groups that mimic existing corporate structure. The HTML5, web-based console integrates with existing enterprise systems and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • The MDM enrollment process provides a consistent agent-based enrollment flow for all major platforms, and allows both administrators and end users to enroll devices. When users enroll, they are authenticated and the appropriate restrictions, apps and content are pushed automatically. Some restrictions, apps, content, policy and other features are often managed by a departmental administrator and pushed on-demand in some use cases.
  • Profiles allow you to define enterprise settings, policies and restrictions for devices without requiring user interaction. You can assign profiles based on operating system or device ownership type, and deploy to an organization group, user group or individual users. Profiles can deploy automatically to devices upon enrollment, and administrators can push profiles on-demand over the air. Available profiles include passcode, restrictions, Wi-Fi, VPN, email, applications and more.
  • MDM dashboards give administrators a quick view into real-time device fleet data. From the dashboards, administrators see a high-level graphical view of their deployment, view a comprehensive list of enrolled devices and drill down into device and user information details.
  • Send commands on-demand to devices to request information and perform actions. Commands include device query, clear passcode, send message, lock device, find device, set roaming, remote view, sync device and perform an enterprise or device wipe. MDM empowers corporations to not only send messages over the air to users, but also to completely customize the message template to meet your requirements.
  • Record both device and console events to capture detailed information for system monitoring, and view logs in the console or export reports. MDM offers extensive reporting capabilities, providing administrators with actionable, result-driven statistics about their deployment. Custom reports and more than 20 report templates are available, and all can be prepared and exported on a defined schedule or recurring basis.
  • Wipe or lock your device in case of theft or misplacement
  • Share and collaborate on Files & Folders securely with content locker Mobile apps & Desktop apps
  • Browse Web with MDM secure browser
  • Data Encryption

The Mobile Device Management service is being offered by the Enterprise Desktop Engineering Team (EDE) which is part of IT @ Johns Hopkins. For more information about our MDM offering, please contact

We are also asking for as much notice as possible when employing a new project. Depending on the size of the project and complexity, some projects can take up to a year of initiation, planning, testing and execution before a Go-Live. A minimum of 30 days should be given before a project Go-Live or due date for completion of work.