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Virtual Computer Lab Pilot Program for Homewood Students

The Virtual Lab Pilot Program provides access for Homewood-based students to a virtual desktop from their own desktop, laptop or other device (iPad and iPhone/smart phones) regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.).  Students can access nearly all of installed applications available in the Krieger Lab (HACLAB) without having to visit to one of the labs. 

In order to access the virtual desktop from your own device, you will need to use a web browser and install a simple web “plug-in” the first time you visit the site.   Once the plug-in is installed, you will be able to log into the virtual desktop using your JHED credentials.  The first login may take a minute or two to configure your personal settings, but each subsequent login should only take a few seconds.  Additional details on accessing and using the virtual desktop interface (VDI) are below.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you access the virtual desktop during the pilot/testing phase (through Summer Session I) we would very much appreciate hearing about your experience and any feedback and suggestions you may have.  Please visit and let us know what you think.  Your feedback will directly determine if, when and how this service may be provided on a permanent basis to Homewood students. 

 To access the Virtual Desktop:

On your own desktop or laptop, open a web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari) and go to  If it is your first visit, you must agree to and install the web plug in.  Once it is installed, log in using your JHED credentials.  A separate Desktop Viewer window will pop up and you will have access to the Windows XP operating system with nearly all the same software you would normally find in the Krieger Lab.  You do have to be on the Hopkins network, hard wired or wireless, for it to connect.  If you are off campus you can use JHConnect (go to for more info) to authenticate remotely to the Hopkins network.

You can also use many other devices to access the Virtual Desktop (usage may be limited due to the smaller screen size). To access the VDI using other devices, download the FREE “Citrix Receiver” for iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. from the appropriate app store. 

You can email us at any time with questions at: HWVIRTLAB@JHU.EDU

And PLEASE complete the short survey at  once you’ve have the chance to try out the VDI service.

This service is in the “pilot/testing” phase—your feedback will help determine if this is a service we will continue to offer and enhance for student access to academic applications.  Please remember that all applications will continue to be available in the computing labs even if the VDI is inaccessible or has reached the user limit.