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Anti Spam

Spam is considered unsolicited email, often of a commercial nature, that is received by an email user.  Our anti-spam filtering system categorizes spam in to three categories and takes action based on the category they fall in.  The categories and actions are defined below:

  • Positively Identified Spam – These emails are dropped by default.  The email recipient will not receive these messages unless the recipient has opted in to the enterprise spam quarantine service (see “Spam Quarantine Service” below).
  • Suspected Spam – These emails are prepended with “[SUSPECTED SPAM]” in the email subject and delivered directly to the email user.
  • Suspected Marketing – These emails are prepended with “[SUSPECTED MARKETING]” in the email subject and delivered directly to the email user.


Spam Quarantine Service

Users that wish to receive emails that have been positively identified as spam have the option to "opt-in with digest" via the Enterprise Messaging Spam Quarantine Service.   This option is available, under the "myJhed" tab, upon logging in to  The user will find a "Spam Quarantine Options" link allowing the user to change the default spam quarantine setting.  Users that select the "opt-in with digest" option will have their spam messages quarantined and receive a daily spam digest allowing the user to view all identified inbound spam messages.