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Secure Email via Cisco Registered Envelope Service


What is secure email?

Secure email is similar to a letter placed in an envelope that is sealed.  All contents of the letter, including attachments, that are placed in the envelope are secured using encryption.  The recipient of the secure email must register with Cisco in order to obtain the keys required to open the envelope and view its contents.

How do I secure my email?

To secure an email message, simply add “[secure]” to the subject of the message.  Make sure to include the square brackets.  The recipient(s) will receive a notification email with an attachment providing instructions to retrieve the secure email.  

As a preemptive measure to avoid confusion and possible suspicion with the secure email, consider notifying the recipient in advance to expect the secure email.  Also, consider sharing a copy of the Johns Hopkins CRES Brochure with the recipient.  The brochure will help prepare the recipient for receipt of the secure email by providing clarification and instruction about the process.

PLEASE NOTE: CRES is not required for emails originating from your Johns Hopkins MS Exchange email account and addressed to a recipient's Johns Hopkins MS Exchange email account.  Emails sent between accounts within this email system are encrypted automatically.

Why do I have to register with Cisco to open my message?

Emails secured using CRES are password protected.  The password is created through the registration process.

What if I have multiple email addresses?

Each email address to which a recipient receives a CRES secured email must be registered separately.

I received a secure message.  If I reply will it be secured?


What is the largest email attachment I can send securely?

10 MB. 

How do I know if my secure email was received?

When the recipient opens the secure email, you will receive a notification email.

Can I include confidential information in the Subject line of the secure message?

No.  Information in the Subject of the message will NOT be secured.

Where do I go for help with CRES?

For assistance, please use the resources below -

Cisco Registered Envelope Recipient Guide

Cisco Registered Envelope Online Help/FAQ