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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that is part of the Office 365 suite of services. Teams enables local and remote co-workers to work together in real and near-real time.  It is fully integrated with Office 365 as well as native Microsoft Office applications.

Important Announcement about Editing Microsoft Word files in the Teams Desktop Application

Microsoft is making a temporary change to how users Edit all Office files in the Teams desktop application.

For students and teachers working with Office files in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft will roll out a temporary change where there will be an additional step in order to edit a document. This is a change from current behavior that allows users to go straight to edit mode when clicking on a document in the "Files" tab of a channel, a conversation, or from inside an assignment.

In all cases, upon clicking on the file, users will first see the document in view mode - they will be able to see the content, but not make changes.

In order to edit the file, users need to click on the options in the top right of the white bar above the document content and select "Open in Browser" or (for users with Office for Windows installed on their device) "Open in Desktop App". This will open the file in Office in a separate window from Teams and allow the user to make changes.


Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Installing Teams

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Editing and Deleting Messages

Outlook Integrations



Visit the Office 365 Communications Hub for more information about Teams and other Office 365 tools.

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