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What to Do



Create a Top Level Folder designated for sensitive data.

Use these recommended settings:

  • Check "Only Owners and Co-owners can send collaborator invites
  • Leave "Allow anyone who can access this folder from a shared link to join" unchecked
  • Check "Restrict shared links to collaborators only" for both files and folders

You can check in Folder Properties to make sure these are set appropriately

Storing all secure data in a single folder will prevent you and/or your collaborators from accidentally exposing content.

Keep your list of collaborators (the people to whom you give access to folders) up-to-date. Only add people who need access to do their work. Remove people as collaborators immediately when they no longer need that access

See Box's Invite Colleagues And Friends for instructions.

It is your responsibility to make sure that only those people who need access to the data to do their jobs have that access. It is important to keep your list of collaborators up-to-date as their access needs change.

Give your folder collaborators only the permissions they need to do their university work and no more. For example, if someone does not need to make changes to files in a folder, give them only view or preview access; do not give them edit access.

See Understanding your Permissions on JHBox for details.

Providing only the minimum access needed reduces the chance of people inadvertently altering the data or sharing it more widely than intended.