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Quick-Start Guide

5 Skills to Get Started with JHBox


Create a Folder

The folder is you JHBox account’s basic building block, where you’ll group similar files together. Here’s how they’re created:

  1. Click the New button and select New Folder:
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, enter the folder name. Prefer a private folder? Select Keep Private For Now. To create a folder where you’ll collaborate with others, pick Invite People to Upload or Download Files:

Need folders inside the first one? To create sub-level folders, just click the top-level folder to open it, and repeat the steps above.

Once you invite collaborators, you’ll notice that the folder changes from manila to blue – blue folders are collaboration folders, where manila ones are private.

Add Files to Your Folder

Now that the folder’s been created, you can upload files to it. To do so, click Upload.

You’ll see there are several ways to get your files up to JHBox: standard upload, Upload Folders, Drag and Drop, and Email Files to Folder. For individual documents, use the standard upload by clicking Upload at the top of the folder page, then Upload Files:


Share Your Content

Once you’ve added your content, try sharing it with others by adding collaborators.

Collaboration in JHBox works at the folder level: You’ll invite contacts to join one or more of your folders as collaborators, with the level of access you see fit. And not to worry: Your collaborators won’t be able to peek at anything outside the folder(s) where they’ve been invited.

To start, just open your folder and click Invite Collaborators on the right side of page:

Enter your collaborators’ email addresses and the access levels you want them to have, then click Invite. Their names will appear on the right side of the folder – in the Collaborators list.

Collaborate on Your Files

Now that you’ve got a team up and running in your account, you can work with them right alongside your content using Tasks and Comments.

Example: Instead of sending your coworker an email asking for feedback on a file, create a task for them to organize and track your project in JHBox. Just mouse over the file, click the talk bubble, and click Assign Task. Include what you need taken care of, and assign it to your collaborator. You can even set a due date or add comments if necessary. Don’t forget to click Add:

Ever work with lots of people on one file and feel yourself getting buried in all the email back-and-forth? Use the Comments feature to keep conversations about the file tidied up where they belong. To add a comment that’ll be visible to your collaborators, mouse over the file, click the talk bubble, pop in your two cents, and click Add:

If you need to share files with people external to Johns Hopkins, please view this guide.