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Current Initiatives

Client Technology Solutions is involved in a wide range of efforts on behalf of clients and key institutional goals.  Some key initiatives for 2017 include:

Full Disk Encryption  

Client Technology Solutions is actively working on ensure each supported system in the environment is encrypted with full disk encryption.  As of April 2017, over 91% of the environment has successfully met this goal.  A majority of the remaining systems are outdated or cannot support encryption.  We are actively working with customers to find replacements for these systems.


Support for uVDI Migration

VT2 Support will be assisting Cloud & Virtualization Services with their migration of customers' virtual desktops from VMware View to Citrix Xen.


Windows 10 and Office 2016

Windows 10 is the current OS released by Microsoft and the default operating system used by Client Technology Solutions.  This OS will be introduced into the environment as new systems are deployed or systems are reimaged.  As we get closer to when Microsoft officially ends support for Windows 7 (January 2020), we will look at a migration plan for those systems still running Windows 7.

Office 2016 is being installed along side Windows 10 with new installations.  A migration plan is taking shape to upgrade older versions of Office to 2016 before December 31, 2017.


Computers as a Service (CaaS) 

Client Technology Solutions is now supplying computers with a leasing program. This service allows for planned renewal of computers with no need to budget for replacement. The cost for replacement is part of the new monthly cost of support.