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ServiceNow is a web-based ticketing application that leverages industry best practices. It provides online management of calls, incidents, and changes within the IT organization of Johns Hopkins.   Incident Management provides a fast responsive way to service our customers, while Change management provides an online accessible way to track and notify staff, of changes within the IT environment


To access the ServiceNow homepage, click here


Incident Management

Incident Management is the central location for documenting incidents from customers, and service technicians. Incidents may have multiple calls attached, which provide a central location for resolution. Incident Management provides comprehensive incident control through escalation, assignment, and integrated knowledge management ensuring that incidents are quickly resolved or assigned and managed.

Change Management

Change Management enables the IT organization to track all types of changes or modifications made with the IT supported environment. Change Management minimizes the business risk and promotes strategic planning via the approval process according to the type of request made and risk associated with the task.  Contact Change Management by e-mailing

Problem Management

Problem Management enables the IT staff to investigate and fix root causes of recurrent incidents.