Blocked Host Lists

The hosts listed below have been blocked from Internet access based on suspicious or malicious traffic.

To have a system unblocked:

  1. Re-image/rebuild or clean and then patch your system. NOTE: Systems in RED require a re-image/rebuild.
  2. Enter an IT Help self-service ticket by navigating to and selecting the IT Help item under the Helpdesk icon in the left column. Please be sure to include the system’s IP address and information about how the system was cleaned.
  3. If you wish to request help by telephone, you can call the HELP Desk at 410-735-4357 (410-735-HELP) to open a ticket to have the system scanned and unblocked (you will need to provide the system IP address and full contact information).

The HELP Desk will assign the ticket to Device Support to get the system scanned and unblocked.

For information on available anti-virus and anti-malware options, visit the Anti-Virus Information Page.

DateIP AddressHostnameMac AddressDescriptionDays on List
10/10/201810.128.68.39n/a By Request1008
09/10/201810.16.34.239n/a Malware1038
03/30/ Malware1932
04/12/202110.161.161.12n/a Malware-CNC93
05/04/202110.161.161.27n/a Malware71
04/16/202110.161.161.28n/a WebAttacks89
09/22/ By Request1391
12/15/202010.181.29.36n/a By Request211
03/01/ By Request135
03/01/202110.224.130.240n/a Conficker135
09/02/2016128.220.117.36n/a Host_compromised1776
03/01/ By Request135
03/01/ By Request135
03/01/  135
02/09/ By Request2712
03/01/ Malware135
04/29/ By Request2268
04/06/ By Request1195
04/12/ By Request824
10/04/ Host_compromised1744
08/08/ Host_compromised706
02/18/  146
05/15/ Host_compromised2617
09/11/ Host_compromised306
02/18/ Host_compromised146
02/18/ Host_compromised146
06/04/ Host_compromised40
05/15/ By Request4808
08/12/ Malware,Malware-CNC702
07/07/ Host_compromised2199
07/07/ Host_compromised2199
07/07/ Host_compromised2199
10/07/ Host_compromised2107
11/26/2013162.129.211.235n/a By Request,Host_compromised2787
09/14/ Host_compromised1764