Transfer of Service

Transfer of Service/Liability occurs when an employee who has a personal cellular device would like to change billing responsibility from themselves to the institution. It can also occur when an employee with a corporate cellular device would like to assume personal liability for the charges. The proccess for transferring service/liability is vendor specific.

IMPORTANT: Please verify with your department administrator before initiating a transfer of service/liability request. Not all departments allow transfer of service/liability.

Verizon Wireless

Download and Complete the appropriate
Assumption of Liability form.  There are 
different forms depending on whether you 

are affiliated with JHH or JHU.

Type your signature.  

Email the form to  

Verizon Personal to Corporate_JHU

Verizon Personal to Corporate_JHH

Verizon Corporate to Personal_JHU

Verizon Corporate to Personal_JHH

There are no forms to complete for AT&T Mobility. Instead, please download and follow the instructions before contacting Telecommunications.

Transfer of Service AT&T