Call Management System (CMS) Upgrade

We are upgrading our Call Management System (CMS) application to be a web-based service. This will be effective Tuesday November 15, 2016. You will no longer need to have software loaded to your desktop to access CMS. You can access the new CMS R18 Version at https://jhgarlandcms:8443/CMSWeb/ The current version of CMS loaded on your desktop WILL NOT operate under the new platform and you will need to use the new web link provided. The new CMS R18 version will have the same features and functions of the current platform with a new appearance.

The CMS Web Supervisor R18 Workbook and Password Change Parameters for accessing the new platform can be found below:

Avaya CMS Web Supervisor R18 Workbook

CMS Password Change Requirements

Another important part of this upgrade is the transfer of data from our current CMS to the new CMS system. In order to transfer all of this data we will have a moratorium on changes in CMS from 11/7/16 until the morning of 11/15/16. This means any changes you make in CMS between 11/7/16 and 11/15/16 will be lost when we transfer over to the new system.

Please contact Telecom Customer Service on 410-614-9220 with any questions.