IT@JH Development, Diversity, & Inclusion (DDI) Council

The DDI Council exists to help IT@JH attract and retain the best talent by creating an inclusive work environment, supporting career development for all employees, and advocating for best practices related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The council has four committees to help accomplish its mission: 1) Recruitment and Retention, 2) Education and Training, 3) Institutional Equity, and 4) Marketing and Events.

Executive Sponsor’s Rep
Steve Sears

Council Co-Presidents
Kevin Kane
Celeste ReVander-Brown 
Jonathan Sneddon

Council Secretary
Julie Riddler, Secretary

Education and Training 
Andrea Luxenberg (Co-Chair)
Adrian McClyde (Co-Chair)
Melanie Brooks
Wendy Ritchey-Lyons
Adam Sullivan

Institutional Equity
Brianna Moreland (Co-Chair)
Jo Hans (Co-Chair)
Ray Drummond
Ruby Helton
Julie Riddler

Marketing and Events
Sharon Biggers (Co-
Judith Thomas (Co-Chair)
S’eon Thomas (Co-Chair)
Staci Dize
Chris Doyle
Ryan Perry
Lisa Sparks
Pamela Stehr

Recruitment and Retention
Lisa Moore (Co-Chair)
Wanda Manigo-Cartwright (Co-Chair)
Brian Barnaba
Audrey Chan
Wendy Ibberson
Curtis Kinsler
Neil Moores
Phillip Morley
Ryan Perry
Corina Tamas
Rich Veno
Joanne Wroblewski

We would love to hear what is on your mind concerning staff development, diversity, and inclusion. Please take a moment to send your comments and concerns to Emails will be received by the council secretary and handled in strictest confidence unless otherwise noted by you.