Generative AI meeting assistants are added by meeting participants and/or organizers to record and transcribe meetings, and generate summaries, guides, and post-meeting tasks. IT@JH has enabled an approved, in-platform virtual meeting assistant to help manage information, increase efficiency, and generate insights which is now available in Zoom to all users with a Zoom license. Team members are still evaluating meeting assistant options in Microsoft Teams. 

To protect the privacy and security of our Johns Hopkins community and adhere to federal and state regulations, going forward:

  • IT@JH is working to block the meeting assistants as soon as possible
  • Please immediately disable all current accounts associated with meeting assistants like and (Read more).
  • Hosts of Zoom and Teams meetings should remove any AI bots that join as meeting participants (Read more)

These changes are due to the techniques and processes these applications use to access, store, and process institutional data. Additionally, these applications often encourage people to sign up for the service without clear understanding of what it does. In addition, use of these tools without the knowledge and proper consent of all meeting participants presents legal and compliance risks. Read more about these tools here.