The TIC’s 2023 Annual Report is live! This year’s report uses a culinary lens to recap the TIC’s products, initiatives, updates, and programs over the past year.

We innovated in new ways by:

  • Providing researchers with real-time participant data
  • Enabling easier to find health insurance information 
  • Expediting access to Johns Hopkins Policies
  • Using student voices to increase engagement
  • Leveraging usability for better ways to onboard
  • Enhancing patient experience in MyChart

We provided updates about:

  • Vaccine Management System flu shot proof
  • Prodensity app (farewell!)
  • Jira and Confluence consolidation
  • myJH
  • Breast cancer survivor resources
  • Dashboarding for DEI

We supported these programs:

  • Leadership in Analytics and Data Science (LEADS)
  • Hexcite
  • Biomedical Informatics and Data Science (BIDS)
  • Precision Medicine Symposium
  • HopHacks