The Tech Hub is offering a new bundle of products and remote workstation service to better serve the remote and hybrid workforce at Johns Hopkins. The Tech Hub staff, in partnership with LAN Administrators, will image the workstation, perform mapping, and install required software. The computers are shipped directly from the Tech Hub, and customers are kept apprised of every step in the process from the moment they place their order.

The remote workstation bundles feature a Dell Latitude laptop or MacBook Pro laptop for remote workstations along with:

  • 24-inch monitor with an integrated video conferencing web camera
  • soundbar speaker
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • docking station

Bundles including an additional monitor for dual monitor setup are also available, and all models are subject to change without notice.

The customers’ LAN Administrator will provide necessary support once the workstation is configured, deployed, and shipped.  Remote workstation purchases must be made on the Tech Hub ServiceNow website. Deployment and shipping questions should be directed to Robert Bierman ([email protected]).