Nearly 300 in person and 100 virtual attendees participated in the Precision Medicine Symposium on Tuesday, October 3rd. The day featured opportunities for learning and connection, via speakers, panels, demos, poster sessions, and networking opportunities. 

Conclusions from the day’s events, presented by Ellen Mowry, Chief Medical Officer for inHealth, include:

  • Leveraging AI to enhance world health presents challenges (data acquisition, harmonization and analysis) with a goal of translating research into local health outcome improvements
  • AI ChatBots in medicine have limitations and require training, but may be useful WITH clinicians for improving outcomes
  • Data and domain expertise should be combined in model building, and AI efforts should focus on where there is disagreement about treatment
  • The best roadmap to impactful solutions for health improvement requires teamwork

To see the symposium’s schedule, access the day’s livestream recordings, or view the digital posters, visit the symposium website