The Health IT MyChart, Help Desk, and User Experience teams reviewed Help Desk tickets related to MyChart and implemented changes to reduce tickets and help patients and their families get the help they need. Some changes include:

  • MyChart Help Desk phone number removed from the main MyChart web page; users needing technical assistance are redirected to a Marketing site with the table showing where to call
  • New Interactive Voice Response tree to direct patients to the right number. This change resulted in an immediate decrease in “wrong number” and continues to save time and money.  
  • Reduced number of permitted login attempts from 10 to 5 to help redirect patients to reset their password after the 4th attempt instead of the 9th.
  • Expanded available search terms to help patients more easily get to whatever action they are looking for. Previously if patients did not choose the exact search term that the system accepted, they would not get accurate results. Examples include: adding “cancel appointment” (instead of “Visits”) and “primary care” (instead of “Schedule an Appointment”).