The Hexcite teams have matched. Program applicants recently convened to share information and ideas in order to find their 2024 Hexcite team match as part of the program’s 9th cohort. During speed interviewing, each non-clinical participant had the opportunity to spend time with each clinical lead. Johns Hopkins teams – including clinical, business, design, and technical leads – were compiled following the event.

This year’s four teams include:

  • Infant Nutrition Wearables: Software to assist with smart bottle and bra to report milk intake
  • Stroke Prediction: App using eye movement analysis for stroke diagnosis
  • Research Study Tracking and Matching: System to track and connect research studies and patients
  • Clinical Wellness Monitoring: Dashboard to assess provider well-being and predict burnout

Hexcite is a medical software start-up generator program for entrepreneurs hosted by the Johns Hopkins Medicine Technology Innovation Center in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.