Case Study: Copilot for M365 in Outlook

Copilot in Outlook to Summarize Lengthy Email Threads

Bart R. Drakulich

Director of Finance & Administration

SAIS Europe


Sometimes an email thread gets forwarded with many previously sent emails. Bart was asked to review a lengthy email thread and decide whether to allow a team member to use travel credit.  

How Copilot for M365 Helped

The employee used Copilot in Outlook’s summarize function to avoid reading an entire email thread to identify an action item or determine a course of action.  


How to use this type of solution

  • If you need to summarize multiple emails, choose the conversation you want. Select “Summarize” in the “Summary by Copilot” box at the top of the email thread. Copilot will scan the thread to look for key points and will create a summary. 
  • The summary may include numbered citations that, when selected, take you to the corresponding email in the thread. 


This feature allows employees to efficiently review and understand the content of lengthy email threads which can help save time, improve productivity, facilitate quick decision-making, and enable better communication and follow-up actions.