Case Study: Copilot for M365 in Excel

Copilot in Excel to Deduplicate and Standardize Data

Adam Lindberg, PhD

Sr. Programmer Analyst

Carey Business School


Students input the same employer name in multiple ways in a post-graduation survey for Carey students. Adam previously had to manually check for and then standardize various versions of employer names. This process was time-consuming and introduced the possibility of human error.  

How Copilot for M365 Helped

Copilot identified multiple versions of the same company name and created a standardized name for each employer to avoid duplicative entries. 


How to use this type of solution

If you have data/survey results that need to be cleaned up, you can use Copilot to produce this type of streamlined result. 

When writing the prompt

  • Explain the input 
  • Explain the problem with the input 
  • Provide a short example of the problem with the input 
  • Request a simple output from Copilot 
  • Include specific details about how the output should look 

The prompt that was most successful for this problem

“I am going to provide you with a list of companies that people work for. Sometimes, the same company may be listed multiple times, but it could be spelled differently, abbreviated, etc. For example, Panasonic, Panasonic Corporation of China, Panasonic Information Systems (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. are all associated with “Panasonic” so the corrected, standardized name would be “Panasonic.” Please create a table with the entry from the provided list in the first column, and the corrected, standardized name in the second column. Default to including “llc”,”co.”, “ltd.” etc. if one of the items in the first column includes it.”  


Copilot reduced the number of distinct entries from 7769 to 5823. Not only did this save time and avoid the need for manual searching and replacing, but future years’ surveys can use the standardized employer name. 

United States Army ReserveU.S Army Reserve
United States Army War CollegeU.S Army War College
United States Chamber of CommerceU.S Chamber of Commerce
United States Cyber CommandU.S Cyber Command
United States Department of AgricultureU.S Department of Agriculture
United States Department of StateU.S Department of State
United States Department of the Treasury Office of Intelligence & AnalysisU.S Department of the Treasury
United States Department of Veteran AffairsU.S Department of Veteran Affairs
United States GypsumU.S Gypsum
United States House of RepresentativesU.S House of Representatives
United States Marine CorpsU.S Marine Corps
United States MArine CorpsU.S Marine Corps
United States Marine Corps, 1st Marine Logistics GroupU.S Marine Corps
United States MilitaryU.S. Military
united states navyU.S Navy
United States NavyU.S Navy
United States Navy (Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton)U.S Navy
United States Navy Reserves / Naval Operation Support Center Lehigh ValleyU.S Navy Reserve
United States Navy, Walter Reed National Military Medical CenterU.S Navy
United States Navy / Naval AcademyU.S Navy
United States Olympic CommitteeU.S Olympic Committee
United States Patent and Trademark OfficeU.S Patent and Trademark Office
United States PharmacopeiaU.S Pharmacopeia
United States Postal ServiceU.S Postal Service
United States SenateU.S Senate
United States Surgical Partners InternaltionalUnited Surgical Partners Internaltional
United Technologies CorpUnited Technologies Corporation
United Technologies CorporationUnited Technologies Corporation
United Technologies Corporation (UTC)United Technologies Corporation
United Vision Asset Management Co., Ltd.United Vision Asset Management Co., Ltd.
United Way of Monroe CountyUnited Way of Monroe County