Dwight Raum

Dwight Raum

Interim CIO,
Johns Hopkins University and Medicine

Dwight Raum is Interim Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Johns Hopkins Health System; Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer of Johns Hopkins University. Hired in 2001, his early tenure focused on technology solutions for identity management, security, and enterprise access. As Johns Hopkins consolidated business and IT systems across the University and Health System, Dwight’s roles and responsibilities grew to encompass shared IT functions including technology infrastructure and applications. Despite this expanded role, Dwight maintains a keen interest in technology, and regularly engages with developers, engineers, and architects to implement solutions. In 2013, Dwight was named the Chief Technology Officer, and served in this capacity until named Interim CIO in March 2020.

In 2014, Dwight and Paul Nagy cofounded the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) with Dwight serving as the Executive Director. The TIC serves as a hub, drawing together innovative faculty and partnering them with technical experts to develop solutions while leveraging the health system’s infrastructure.

In 2016, Dwight was named a Co-Director of Hopkins inHealth, responsible for digital strategy. Over the ensuing time, Dwight has led efforts to conceive and implement the InHealth Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (PMAP), the engine powering precision medicine efforts at Johns Hopkins. PMAP is a disease-agnostic, cloud native analytics platform transforming Johns Hopkins’ approach to clinical research.

In 2018, Dwight became responsible for student and administrative systems. Early in his tenure, he recognized the unrealized value of technology and the dire need to focus on digital experience to improve adoption and attainment. Digital experience now informs an underlying strategy for both students and patients, seeking to improve outcomes through user-center-design.

With the onset of COVID, Dwight has led and supported efforts to respond in several areas, including: